sábado, 3 de novembro de 2007


On 20.12.2006 just after midnight, Capt.Lütfü BERK, a senior pilot serving in the Strait of Istanbul since 9 years, lost his life when he fall onto the pilot boat while disembarking a Panama Flagged ship, Regina-V.

The reason of the accident being investigated, however, first findings and expert reports point out that the pilot ladder that Capt. Berk used to disembark the ship was not in good order and in compliance of SOLAS Requirements.

The pilot ladder, which was almost ten meters in length, was not assisted by an accommodation ladder, which is a SOLAS requirement in situations that freeboard exceeding 9 meters. According to the expert report, Regina-V did not prepare a combination ladder because the ship did not have an accommodation ladder on the starboard side, where the pilot intended to disembark.

Capt. Berk fell down from the ladder from the very first steps in 10 meters of height. He fell on to the boatman Huseyin Kaya and the boatman was seriously injured.

Capt. Lutfu Berk was 50 years old. He was married with three children and was known being fond of his children, particularly his daughters Zehra (6 Years old) and Ayca (5 Years Old). His son Mehmet is just 2 years old.

Em sua memória e em memória de todos os Pilotos que perderam a vida ou sofreram acidentes graves no mar...

In his memory and in memory of all Pilots that lost their lifes or were seriously injured at sea ...


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Anônimo disse...

a quen diga " vida do mar e dura" nao ha duvidas nao a como estar com pes na terra.

Anônimo disse...

Eu ja achava a vida no mar dificil...agora depois dessa demonstração nada melhor do que a boa e velha terra firme